The History of Villa Cimbrone

Incomparable […] it rises from amongst roses and oleanders on a plateau from where the gaze extends to the sea”. Thus was Villa Cimbrone described, in the summer of 1853, by German historian Ferdinand Gregorovius.

“… una selva di colonne, come dalle mie parti, gotiche; ma, davanti, è aperto, c’è il precipizio, il vuoto, il mare. Sperduta tra le colonne, un’antica sedia di legno, ecclesiastica, mi siedo, c’è tanta pace, che qui vorrei morire, finirla così dolcemente. […] Come Lawrence – che anche lui, avrebbe voluto morire qui, di troppa pace – non riesco a staccarmi da questo angolo di cielo : un luogo deputato all’estasi”.

Pier Paolo Pasolini

The first reliable mentions of Villa Cimbrone can be found on the 11th century, during Ravello’s golden era. The origins of its name come from the rocky outcrop on which it stands: this was part of a large estate with lush vegetation covering over eight hectares that was known as “Cimbronium”.

It initially belonged to the aristocratic Acconciajoco family. In the mid 1300s it passed into the hands of the powerful and wealthy Fuscos, a noble family from Ravello related to the Pitti family in Florence and the D’Angiò from Naples.

Thanks to the enthusiasm and dedication of the Vuilleumier family, now Villa Cimbrone has been restored to its former glory as a prestigious historical site and botanical garden.

This successful commitment to recovering, conserving and protecting one of the most important cultural heritage sites in Campania comes from an idea of Marco Vuilleumier, which has been pursued with great determination.

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A breathtakingly beautiful

The gardens are breathtakingly beautiful and contain a variety of beautiful flowers. They were largely redesigned at the start of the 20th century, with the valuable input of the English gardener Vita Sackville-West. Villa Cimbrone is considered among the most important examples of the English landscape and botany culture in South of Europe.


Visit to the gardens

The gardens at Villa Cimbrone are open to the public every day, from 09:00 to sunset.

The entrance tickets is € 10.00 and there are discounts for groups and children under the age of twelve.

For further information, to book a guided tour, please message or call us.

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