13 04, 2017


2017-04-13T11:01:16+00:0013 April, 2017|Itinerary|

It is hard to grasp that pretty little Amalfi, with its sun-filled piazzas and small beach, was once a maritime superpower with a population of more than 70,000. For one thing, it’s not a big place – you can easily [...]

13 04, 2017


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Sitting high in the hills above Amalfi, Ravello is a refined, polished town almost entirely dedicated to tourism (and increasingly popular as a wedding venue). Boasting impeccable bohemian credentials – Wagner, DH Lawrence and Virginia Woolf all spent time here [...]

13 04, 2017


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A cluster of coloured houses clinging to the mountainside, amongst scented lemon orchards and flanboyant flowers overlooking harmonious architecture set in breathtaking natural beauty. Positano is all this and more…. It is art, culture, especially with the recent discovery of [...]

13 04, 2017


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The excavations of Pompei are extraordinary material evidence of the ancient world, thanks to the state of preservation of the city, which remained practically intact after the eruption of 79 A.D. erased it from the Vesuvian landscape. Also thanks to [...]

13 04, 2017

Path of Gods

2017-04-13T10:26:54+00:0013 April, 2017|Itinerary|

For lovers of hiking and walking outdoors, the Path of the Gods on the Amalfi Coast is a 'must' ... Your holiday on the Amalfi Coast cannot be considered complete without an excursion on the Path of the Gods, from [...]

13 04, 2017


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An island that offers a landscape of wild beauty sculpted by wind, sea and the hand of man, this is Capri. With a precipitous, jagged coast, and encircled by the famous faraglioni (sea stacks), enormous and uniquely-shaped boulders, and by numerous caves that tell of evocative plays of [...]

18 03, 2017

Amalfi Coast

2017-04-13T11:06:11+00:0018 March, 2017|Itinerary|

Facing the Tyrhennian Sea, the Amalfi Coast is one of 51 Italian sites inserted on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The Amalfi Coast seems to be one grand balcony suspended between a sea of cobalt blue and the feet of [...]